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Epilobium canum
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Epilobium canum

Hoary California Fuchsia


Perennial, linear tomentose green to gray leaves, orange-red flowers


  • Genus: Epilobium
  • Epithet: canum
  • Synonyms: Zauschneria californica, Epilobium californica
  • Class: Evergreen
  • Plant Type: Shrub
  • Region: central, southern
  • Location: coastal, intermediate
  • Elevation: canyons, hills, below 2000’
  • Plant Community: coastal sage scrub, chaparral

Sun / Shade

  • Full Sun: Yes
  • Part Shade: Yes
  • Full Shade: No

Summer Water

  • Naturalize: Yes
  • H2O 1xmonth (summer): Yes
  • H2O 2xmonth (summer): No
  • H2O 4xmonth (summer): No
  • Moist: No


  • Flower Colors / Desc.: Red
  • Flowering Season: Summer
  • Hardy to 15 degrees: Hardy to 15°F
  • Height: 1
  • Spread: 4
  • Pruning Period:
    After the first or second year, plants should be cut back almost to the ground. Light pruning on the growing tips at the beginning of the season encourages fuller growth.
  • TOLN Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Epilobium, formerly Zauschneria, common name “California Fuchsia” is a champion of summer color. When some native plants in the landscape are in summer dormancy, Epilobium blooms brightly with its orange-red tubular flowers held above grayish-green to green foliage. Several species and cultivars will provide a range of growth habits, foliage color, blooming period and flower forms. Most plants will flower for 1-2 months; some start as early as late June, and others will continue until late September or even October. Any Epilobium, with its spectacular flower, will attract hummingbirds to the garden. E. canum spp. canum - Hoary California Fuchsia - compact, neat habit

Epilobium Quick Guide
E. canum - California Fuchsia - most common statewide E. canum spp. canum - Hoary California Fuchsia - compact, neat habit E. canum ‘Catalina’ - Catalina Fuchsia - large flower, long season E. ‘Everett’s Choice’ - spreading, exceptional flower E. ‘Wayne’s Silver’ - small-scale, silver-white leaves

Garden Uses
Borders, accents, near boulders, raised planters, pots, hanging baskets, in dry stream beds. NOTE: Epilobium (Zauschneria) has brittle branches and should not be planted in areas of foot traffic.

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