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Dudleya hassei
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Dudleya hassei

Catalina Dudleya


Succulent, gray finger-like leaves, long flowering stems, white flowers


  • Genus: Dudleya
  • Epithet: hassei
  • Class: Evergreen
  • Region: southern
  • Location: islands, (Santa Catalina)
  • Elevation: canyons, below 1200’
  • Plant Community: coastal sage scrub

Sun / Shade

  • Full Sun: Yes
  • Part Shade: Yes
  • Full Shade: Yes

Summer Water

  • Naturalize: Yes
  • H2O 1xmonth (summer): Yes
  • H2O 2xmonth (summer): No
  • H2O 4xmonth (summer): No
  • Moist: No


  • Flower Colors / Desc.: White, Yellow
  • Flowering Season: Spring
  • Hardy to 15 degrees: ?Unknown
  • Height: 1
  • Spread: 1
  • Pruning Period:
    As Needed
  • Planting Suggestion:
    Ground Cover to 3', Accent Plants to 4'
  • TOLN Zones: 1, 2

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Santa Catalina Dudleya is a groundcover succulent, with chalky, blue-grey finger-like leaves. It grows in shade to full sun and will attain a height of 6 inches and a spread of 3 feet. White star-like flowers with yellow centers occur on slender, 12-inch stems in spring. In the California garden, Dudleyas provide a nice accent or understory groundcover along a path, in front of a border, or near a rock. In a container any Dudleya looks great as a companion plant or by itself. Dudleya hassei can be found on steep cliffs and rocky outcrops on the bluffs of Santa Catalina Island. It prefers infrequent deep watering. It is easy to grow and tolerant of many conditions. It will perform best in coastal situations.

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