May Events and June Teaser

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May/June Events at Tree of Life Nursery!

Exciting events in May and June 2015 at Tree of Life Nursery! This May, we will have Design Workshops, “Desert & Baja Day,” and Habitat Gardening Talks. In June we will, once again, have our Replace Your Lawn Workshop Series. We hope you will join us!

waters before
waters after

Saturday May 23, 2015

9:30 am - Guest Speaker, Catherine and Robert Waters
Creating Urban Habitat to Attract Songbirds
Cat and Robert Waters will return to the nursery to showcase their incredible urban habitat garden located in Downey. What began as a neighboring vacant lot has been carefully and lovingly crafted into an attractive native plant oasis for birds that also incorporates a vegetable garden. Their garden has been featured on several garden tours including the Theodore Payne Native Plants tour and it has been featured in the birding magazine WildBird. Come and see images of their development process and get inspired by Cat and Robert by hearing their story and sharing in their infectious enthusiasm!

Saturday May 30, 2015
9:30 am - Guest Speaker, Rama Nayeri
Shade Plants for your Native Garden
A common problem for the urban native gardener is finding plants that will thrive in the shade of a neighbor’s house or other urban structures… Luckily, a variety of native plants can and will work in these design settings! Join our Designer in Residence that day: Rama Nayeri, as she discusses appropriate drought tolerant and attractive native plants for this particular design constraint!

The "Replace Your Lawn" (RYL) Workshop Series will repeat this June!
Saturday June 6, 2015
9:30 am - RYL I - Kill the grass to make way for your native landscape
The first step in transitioning to a more sustainable garden is removing your water hungry lawn. However, there are various methods and the process can be more involved than you would expect (depending on the type of grass you have). Join us and learn about the options and to figure out what will work best for you depending on your turf type, budget, and timeline.

June 13: RYL -
Design Elements: Creating Conventional Garden Themes with CA Native Plants
June 20: RYL - Creating and Caring for your Native Garden
June 27: Special Event: How to Draw Nature Workshop with Sama Wareh

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Pollinator/Butterfly Garden 2014-2015

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pollinator garden before
pollinator after

Butterfly Garden Planted Last March Turns One Year Old - Take a look!!

Remember last year when we posted pictures of some new mounds in the Casa La Paz parking area and installed teeny tiny little plants and "premiered" our "new" Butterfly Garden? (If you don’t remember, here is a link to that post.)

At the time, it took a fair bit of imagination (and close-up pics) to understand what we were talking about… but now, after one year - this garden requires NO imagination and very little irrigation. It screams: "Take a look at me now!" and it beckons people to come admire the beautiful flowers and it beckons butterflies to come feast. See the whole process through a series of photos on our facebook album! Click here!

Here we will outline the process of creating this garden and the progress throughout the year to give you an idea about the installation and possible progression of installing and maintaining a native garden. This is one approach and it worked for our site… as always - plans and plants must be tailored to the site that you are working with, the materials and labor available to you, and, as always: budget.

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SMWD: SustainaBLUE Program

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Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) SustainaBLUE: Landscape Design Assistance Program

Sustainablue logo
APRIL 2015 - New Program Reimburses Santa Margarita Water District Customers $30 for Design Assistance provided by Tree of Life Nursery’s Designers in Residence.

SMWD customers can cash in on reimbursements for design consultations at Tree of Life Nursery in addition to the MWDOC square foot rebate program, (more details on that program below). Now, SMWD customers can enjoy design assistance reimbursements through a simple and straightforward process in order to help you more easily convert that turf into SustainaBLUE landscaping. The City of San Clemente Water District offers a similar reimbursement through their pilot program, which has been available since last August. More details on that program here.

OC Water SmartAs mentioned above, almost any Orange County resident can partake in the Municipal Water District of Orange County, (MWDOC) rebate for new projects removing turf and replacing with water efficient landscaping. The MWDOC rebate may be applied for and used in addition to the Design Assistance Rebate offered by SMWD. Please note that you must apply for the lawn removal rebate with MWDOC BEFORE removing or killing your lawn. (Here’s the website for details on that rebate program.

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Avoid Traffic at Ortega Hwy!

Exit on Camino Capistrano if you're headed Northbound on I-5, or Juniperro Serra if you're headed Southbound to avoid congestion at the I-5/SR-74 (Ortega Highway) interchange. Please see our article for information HERE. Or, DOT official information HERE.

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