Winter Events at Tree of Life Nursery

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Winter Events at Tree of Life Nursery

casa la paz gifts

Saturday, December 20
9 am - 4 pm - SALE!

Holiday Music and Food Tastings 11 am - 2 pm

Join us this Saturday for last-minute sales on many items throughout our retail store.

We are CLOSED some days over the Christmas and New Year Holidays, Please see our HOLIDAY HOURS HERE.


Join us in January for another session of the Replace Your Lawn with Native Plants Workshop Series.
Saturdays in January starting January 10, 2015!

Additionally, the Designers in Residence will not be available on Saturdays during a short winter break this December and early January, they will resume providing 25-minute design consultations each Saturday starting on January 10, 2015.


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City of San Clemente Pilot Program

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City of San Clemente Water Pilot Program: Design Assistance Rebate

SoCal WaterSmart Rebates...
If you are thinking about removing your lawn and replacing it with native plants, all Orange County residents are welcome to cash in on reimbursements for lawn replacements at up to $2 per square foot through Municipal Water District of Orange County, (MWDOC). The MWDOC rebate is for new projects removing turf and replacing with water efficient landscaping, apply for your rebate BEFORE removing or killing your lawn. (Here’s the website for details on that rebate program.)

Pilot Program Reimburses City of San Clemente Water Customers $30 for Design Assistance provided by Tree of Life Nursery’s Designers in Residence.

Attention Residents of the City of San Clemente!
This just in: City of San Clemente Water customers can cash in on reimbursements for design consultations at Tree of Life Nursery in addition to the MWDOC square foot rebate program. In order to help their customers save water, the City of San Clemente has partnered with Tree of Life Nursery to create a simple and straightforward pilot program providing their customers assistance as they convert thirsty turf into beautiful native gardens.

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Avoid Traffic at Ortega Hwy!

Exit on Camino Capistrano if you're headed Northbound on I-5, or Juniperro Serra if you're headed Southbound to avoid congestion at the I-5/SR-74 (Ortega Highway) interchange. Please see our article for information HERE. Or, DOT official information HERE.


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