Fall Hours 2015

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Tree of Life Nursery Hours CHANGE
Saturdays October-June

The change results in increased hours for our retail store, Casa La Paz, on Saturdays: Open 9 AM - 4 PM from October through June. We will continue to be open our regular week-day hours, Monday through Friday 9:00AM - 4:00PM.

In summary, October - June
Casa La Paz Hours:
Mon-Sat 9:00AM - 4:00PM

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October Replace Your Lawn Series

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The “Replace Your Lawn” (RYL) Workshop Series returns to Tree of Life Nursery this October!

All workshops start at 9:30 am on Saturdays in October. Attendance is free and no reservations are necessary.

sage and sagebrushSaturday October 10
RYL II - Design Elements

Join Designer in Residence, Susan Trindle, as she gives this design talk about how to create a cottage garden look using California Native plants. Susan is an experienced landscape designer who has successful gardens planted all over Southern California. Come learn some of the design tools of the trade to implement in your own garden projects.

RYL series continues, Saturdays in October, Read More for details...!

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Mike Evans on Turf Replacement

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OK, we can’t just keep on bein’ quiet about a subject that is screamin’ for attention. Turf replacement... and the new look that is transforming the southern California landscape. Time to weigh in. Read the article below or click here for a PDF download... sorry about the article’s length. We hope the content makes it worth the read. Enjoy.

"Ugly" Is Not a Turf Replacement Casa La Paz
Mike Evans
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© Tree of Life Nursery, August 2015

A practical approach to authentic beauty instead of grass.

The statewide drought is fast making every useless (not utilized) patch of lawn a thing of the past, and it’s high time. Not only does that grass use copious amounts of water, but the polluted runoff, the impacts of constant maintenance (including noise), the green waste, and the whole carbon footprint for turf adds up to one big negative in our seasonally dry climate. “Useful” grass, i.e.; a playground is not the issue here. Turf managers can look forward to successful careers properly managing healthy green lawns for sports and leisure. It’s the default lawn that serves no function or purpose we need to eliminate completely.

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Plant it Right!

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Learn how to "Plant it Right" in this Video Tutorial Series

Mike planting

Planting a plant is a big part of making a garden... but it is not the only part. At Tree of Life Nursery, we like to emphasize the importance of good planning, natural design, site preparation, and most of all, addressing the question: How will the garden be utilized and enjoyed by people?

But once you are ready to plant some plants, you have to do it right. Some plants are more forgiving to improper handling than others, but all plants appreciate a little TLC, especially when you are moving them from the nursery container to their new permanent home in the ground.

Watch this video series to see how to “Plant it Right!”

Plant it Right! - Part I - Digging the Hole
Plant it Right - Part II - Getting the Plant in the Ground

Plant it Right! - Part III - Initial Watering of New Native Plants  
Plant it Right! - Part IV - Follow-up Watering of New Native Plants

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Summer 2015

Summer Hours:

M-F 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Sat 8:00 AM - 1:00PM

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